HTML5 Mobile Pro

with Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs

Level up to HTML5 Mobile Pro with our 3½-hour downloadable workshop!

HTML5 Mobile Pro is a self-taught course about mobile web app development with HTML5 and specifically devices using WebKit-based browsers. It's split in 3 parts and an introduction, with each part about an hour in length.

Learn how to build mobile web apps that use advanced HTML & CSS features like offline mode, gradients and transformations, canvas, touch, audio, animations, and more—like on and even more extreme!


Topics & contents

iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android (including 4.1), WebOS, and PlayBook WebKit-based browsers, capabilities of HTML5 & making them work for you, touch interfaces, understanding hardware acceleration & 3D CSS, form controls, the latest mobile JavaScript features, audio and video, fast loading, cross-browser issues and what works where, going offline and last but not least making it all AWESOME.

Want to see how it looks like and an example of what you'll learn?
Watch the CSS Animation sample video (~9mins)!

What you get!

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Please note that HTML5 Mobile Pro is a 1GB download, which will likely take a while to go over the wire(less). Make sure you have some time available and enough room to store and unpack it!

Is this class for me?

We expect that you have a at least a beginners' knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript (you don't have to be an expert!) and know how to build web sites.

We respect you.

And that's why we haven't crippled HTML5 Mobile Pro with any kind of silly DRM. You can view, print, copy and paste, and back it up. You don't need to tattoo a password on your inner thigh for future reference. We refuse to create a product that is broken by design.

We don't go in for faux security that does nothing but annoy. Instead, we hope that by treating our customers with respect, and delivering excellent value, that we will help people feel absolutely good about paying for what we produce.

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“Thanks for the great class! I liked it so much, I signed up a colleague of mine for your next class.”
“Worth every cent. Tons of docs, answers, insights, fun & encouragement. Highly recommended, super friendly.”
“Enjoyed it, learnt a lot!”
“Just one more thing: Keep on the good work!”
“Completely Impressed”


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Site licenses

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Your hosts: Amy & Thomas

Amy Hoy

Amy is the most famousest designer in the Ruby on Rails world, known for her gut-bustingly funny laugh-out-loud tutorials, great explanatory graphics, and apt metaphors. She's got over 10 years' experience in explaining technical concepts in an entertaining and understandable way, and she's been teachings thousands of students and has spoken at countless conferences all over the world. Actually, here's the talk she did at Webstock 2012 in Wellington, New Zealand.

Thomas Fuchs

Thomas has been writing hard-core JavaScript since waaaaay back in the late 1990s. And he's been using mobile devices for just as long, starting coding C for Palm organizers (those where the days!). His famous framework was created during the development of one of the most highly interactive applications the Web had ever seen. He's continued to push the boundaries of what is possible with HTML and JavaScript with libraries like Zepto.js. He is a self-described “artsy wanker.”

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